The DNA HRBlock service is intended to provide H&R Block employees with access to an internal system to apply for new positions. The position listed on the H&R Block service is considered open and can be advertised. As soon as a position is filled in the H&R block, the position is removed from the DNA HRBlock system.


If an H & R Block employee does not know her SSO-ID, he can retrieve it by entering her first and last name, the last 5 digits of her social security number, and her date of birth. As soon as employees apply for a new position at H&R Block, DNA HRBlock their application is entered into the system for further review.

Employees can also check the status of an H&R Block request through the DNA HRBlock system. A resume and cover letter can be saved in HRBlock DNA for easy access and as easy as possible to apply for new internships in the H&R block.

With the DNA HRBlock service, employees can search for new jobs by job title, job level (for example, career entry or manager), and even by location. H&R Block employees and H&R Block franchise employees can use this system. Even employees who only work seasonally for the H&R block can use DNA HRBlock.


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The H&R Block offers applicants two types of vacancies.

  • Tax office jobs: Tax office jobs require employees to work 24 hours a day so they can help clients and have flexible work hours for employees.
  • Company Jobs: Company jobs are less flexible. They have fixed work hours and employees must be productive and take all concerns into account.

Candidates can apply for the above positions in two ways, listed below.

Method I:

  • Open your browser and open the H&R Block career opportunities page.
  • The site lists two tabs called View Company Jobs and View Tax Office Jobs.
  • The user can choose between them according to their preferences and filter according to the available options.

Method II:

  • Open your browser and visit the H&R Block careers page
  • Navigate beyond corporate finance and employment
  • Join the talent community to learn about the latest job openings and the latest employment campaigns from the company.